Addressing Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Addressing Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Do you struggle with frequent or chronic back pain? Back pain is a common complaint that affects millions of people worldwide. Various factors, including poor posture, injury, and degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis, can cause it. While many treatments are available for back pain, physical therapy is one of the most effective and least invasive options.

Global Clinic offers a range of physical therapy services to improve your body’s function and reduce pain. We offer services to improve your range of motion, strengthen the muscles that support the spine, and reduce pain and inflammation. Below are several ways our physical therapy services can help with pain. For more info, get in touch with our office here in Niles, Illinois.

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Pain Can Be Eased by Improving Posture

Poor posture can put extra strain on the spine, leading to pain and discomfort. Poor posture often stems from a lack of activity and habits like working in front of a computer, slouching, or looking down at a smartphone. Poor posture could also be due to many hours spent carrying heavy objects. Physical therapy can help correct your posture and thereby ease back pain by teaching you how to sit, stand, and move in a way that reduces strain on your back.

Ease Back Pain by Strengthening Core Muscles

The abdomen and lower back muscles play an important role in supporting the spine. Over time, these muscles can lose strength due to a lack of physical activity. Unfortunately, due to our modern lifestyles, this phenomenon is quite common. Physical therapy exercises can help strengthen these muscles, reducing strain on the spine and improving overall function.

Reducing Inflammation Can Make a Big Difference

Inflammatory disorders of the spine can cause a great deal of discomfort. Common issues that people struggle with and that can cause inflammation include arthritis, osteoporosis, and certain infections. Inflammation in the spine is rare but can be a significant source of pain and disability, especially if these hard-to-diagnose conditions go untreated. Physical therapy can include techniques like massage and gentle stretching to reduce inflammation and help you feel better.

Greater Flexibility Can Reduce Pain Frequency

Muscle and joint tightness can contribute to bodily pain. Often, tension can be incurred through stressful activities, poor sleep, and poor dietary habits. The worst part of living with muscle tension is that the pain and discomfort can last for several days. Physical therapy can help improve flexibility through stretching exercises, reducing muscle and joint tension. When combined with hot and cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and manual therapy, this can help you feel at ease long-term.

Find Physical Therapy Services for Your Back Pain

Physical therapy for back pain typically features a curated combination of exercises, manual therapy, and education on posture and movement. If you struggle with frequent bodily pain, we will work with you to develop a solid plan to help you live pain-free. Connect with our Global Clinic providers to get started today. You can reach our office by filling out and submitting the contact form below or giving our office a call at (847) 299-7000.


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