Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Misalignments due to car accidents don’t always appear immediately. Adrenaline kicks in when you’re first involved in a crash, increasing your pain tolerance and making you unaware of injuries. However, over several days, injuries to the spine can become apparent and cause chronic pain. Don’t wait for this to happen – get in touch with us here at Global Clinic to get the help you deserve fast.


What Can Happen After Car Accidents?

Stiffness, pain, and inflammation are all expected consequences of car accidents. Aside from apparent bodily injuries, crashes can cause lumbar spine sprains and strains, resulting in low back pain. In some cases, you may even suffer a herniated disc, which is a severe injury. This issue can start small but later develop into chronic pain or disability.

How We Address Injuries

We offer physical therapy and pain management services for those involved in car accidents. Our office is fully equipped with x-ray technology, allowing us to get a clear idea of your injuries and saving you a trip to the emergency room. After your x-rays, one of our doctors will evaluate your condition and determine the best physical therapy treatment course.

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What Results Can I Expect?

Car accidents can cause a great deal of trauma. At Global Clinic, we can help ease that trauma through physical therapy and pain management techniques. We’ve been providing these services for over two decades and are ready to give you the help you deserve. Throughout your treatment, we will plan and adjust your protocol to ensure that you leave our office feeling comfortable and living a pain-free life.

Find Care After Car Accidents in the greater Chicago area

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, seeking treatment is important. At Global Clinic, we offer pain management and physical therapy services to help you address your injuries adequately. If you’re ready to feel better, fill out and submit the contact form below or give our office a call at (847) 299-7000.


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