Stress and environmental factors can be to blame for your frequent headaches. Sometimes we end up overworked, and sometimes we can’t fully control our surroundings. If you need headache relief, IV Therapy may be worth considering. We offer this and other options, including pain management, physical therapy, and chiropractic care to put your mind at ease and help you feel better fast.


What Causes Headaches?

Migraine headaches can be either primary or secondary. Primary headaches happen when the pain-sensitive structures in our brains become overactive. An underlying issue causes secondary headaches. Some of the most common causes of this problem include dehydration and stress. If you’re struggling with these issues, we can help.

Services for Headaches

Our IV Therapy treatments may be an excellent option for rehydrating your body and alleviating your headache symptoms. We offer other pain management options as well, including injectable treatments. Beyond that, our Vitamin B12 injections can give you improved energy and function and reduce some factors contributing to frequent headaches.

A woman with a headache

What Results Can I Expect?

Addressing any chronic pain comes down to identifying its cause and treating it at its source. Here at Global Clinic, we will work with you to understand what is causing your pain and minimize their occurrence. Once the underlying issues have been treated, you should feel better and live pain-free.

Find Care for Headaches in the greater Chicago area

Headache migraines can be treated with the right approach. At Global Clinic, we offer pain management, IV Therapy, injectables, and more. Contact us today and find the relief you deserve by filling out the contact form below or calling us at (847) 299-7000.


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