Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Frequent and intense movement can naturally lead to injury. Sports injuries like tennis elbow are especially common among active athletes. While resting at home is an effective option when injury strikes, getting a bit of extra attention never hurts. Here at Global Clinic, we offer regenerative medicine, physical therapy, and various other services to help you feel better faster.


skier with an injured knee

What Causes Sports Injuries?

These injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Pushing yourself too hard during a match or practice can lead to overtaxed muscles or painful joints. Some causes of sports-related injuries can be lifting weights that are too heavy, overextending yourself on a run, not stretching before an activity, or tearing a muscle or ligament due to playing contact sports.

Services for Sports Injuries

Employing the RICE method is ideal after a sports injury. Taking time to rest and refrain from rigorous activities can help you heal after. Physical therapy can offer added help and faster recovery. Here at Global Clinic, we offer personalized care to address your injuries based on their severity and your terms.

What Results Can I Expect?

Minor strains and sprains can take about a week to heal. More severe injuries can take several months. With proper pain management and physical therapy, we can help speed up the healing process and facilitate a more comfortable recovery. Our regenerative medicine options can also improve your status, giving faster, more effective results.

We treat several types of sports injuries and facilitate proper rehabilitation for those with:

  • Skiing injuries
  • Gymnastic injuries
  • Soccer injuries
  • Fencing injuries

Find Care for Sports Injuries in the greater Chicago area

Sports injuries can take you off commission and prevent you from doing what you love. Take the step toward feeling better here at Global Clinic. Get in touch with us to find relief from injuries by filling out the form below or calling us at (847) 299-7000.


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