Sulaiman R.

I was a patient of Global Clinic. Such a fantastic staff, from admin staff to chiropractor everyone was looking after your best health needs. I felt much better after seven sessions. Such a clean and modern facility. Tonya and the rest, kudos to you all. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Maya G.

Excellent experience! This place is wonderful! Everyone, from front desk to therapists, are very kind and personable. Their very knowledgeable staff and therapists are fantastic, polite, caring, focused and extremely professional! They work with you to identify issues and prescribe the best physical therapy treatment for your needs and abilities. Therapists work with one patient at a time. Paulina Mroczek is my primary therapist and she is absolutely fantastic!!! I feel tremendous improvement in my lower back and hip! Shout out to the Dr. Piter and Anna - the practice manager on having such an exclusive team!! Highly recommended!

Robert F.

I have had so many back problems being an ICU Nurse for years and could never find the right treatment. Then a friend mentioned she had some physical therapy there and loved it. I decided to give it a try and boy was she right. There approach to overall wellness is fantastic. They really take the time access and locate how and where to help you! Loved the staff and the really cool equipment. Definitely recommend!!!

Marie C.

A few months ago I started coming to Global Pain & Rehab after i got in accident and needed PT. The therapists are so great and helpful! They really made a hard time easier and manageable and thanks to The therapist valerie im back on my feet today!!! Highly recommend these guys for any of your Physical therapy needs!!

David W.

2.5 weeks treatment of my upper and low back problems in this clinic – very good results. Excellent service in beautiful office created by Peter Slavin, DC; very effective pain management and treatment plan designed and implemented by Valerie Shternberg, DPT and very professional, qualified and friendly team. Many thanks to all of you!

Lucyna K.

Very satisfied with the treatment I had in global clinic. I went there 11 times and after I feel so much better!!! I highly recommend this clinic to everyone and especially I want to say *Thank you* to Emily!!! She knows what to do!! Also girls on the front desk are so polite all the time!! All stuff in the clinic are so professional!!! Thank you!!!

Klaud W.

Highly recommend this place! Very modern, professional therapists, kind and helpful stuff. I was lifting sth heavy at work and next day pain in my low back was so horrible I couldn’t move. Three visits with doctor Peter and his professional therapists and I’m like new and haven’t had pain since.

Marek K.

Global Clinic is a really good choice for people with chronic pain. In my case, low back pains radiating to my left leg, making it impossible to walk any longer. I would like to thank all the very friendly staff, Paulina and especially DPT EMILY CHROSTOWSKA, who is very professional and focused on the patient's ailments. She has magic hands.

Alex D.

I want to say thanks to the creators of GLOBAL CLINIC for creating this wonderful Center!!! Smiles, beauty, attention and patience surround you here💞💞 Excellent doctors, professional massage therapists. Thanks to everyone who works there.

Lucy D.

I would like express my appreciation for the professional service I have received at Global Clinic. Special thanks to Valeria and Edita!! Your hands are magical!!


I would highly recommend the Global Pain & Spine Clinic. The stuff and doctors are extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and caring. The facility is clean and organized.

Alla B.

Can't say enough good things about Global Clinic. What an amazing team of caring and knowledgeable professionals. Valeria my mom's Physical therapist has made such a progress with her, she is not in pain anymore and feeling better each day. Mariana and all of the staff there are always smiling and taking such a great care of my mom. Forever grateful!


I visited Mara 3 months ago for hair PRP at Global Clinic. I’m so so amazed with the results. I saw amazing results after one treatment only. I’m on my second treatment and can’t wait to see even better results. I would definitely recommend her.

Mesgen A.

I had spine problems for several months, googled place near by and Global Pain & Spine Clinic was recommended. I had a few sessions with Peter Slavin and after few adjustments felt relief. I was then working with physical therapist Valerie Shternberg to strengthen by back. All in all it was a great experience and I no longer have pain in my back. Also want to mention new modern building and cleanliness of this place.

Irina L.

Highly skilled team of professionals with a positive attitude would make individual approach to your issues. I feel relieved of long-lasting pain after 2 sessions.

Ela C.

Emily was the best physical therapist I ever had. She was very professional and exactly knew how to help me with my muscular pain. Thank you, Emily.

Justyna Z.

After Covid-19 I felt very weak, without energy and my whole body was in pain, I started to lose my hair. I decided to take vitamin IV in the Global Clinic, after a few days my well-being improved a lot, I gained energy, I decided to repeat the procedure, I gained more strength, my hair slowly stopped falling out. Very professional employees, nice service, and a nice and esthetic place, I highly recommend Global Clinic and vitamin IV, which benefited my well being and my body.

Ewa S.

I went to Global for PRP on my head to help my hair to stop falling out and I’m extremely happy with the results and I have done it only twice!! Also I got IV with vitamins. I had no energy after Covid and vitamins helped me a lot. On top of that prices are more than fair!!! Girls are nice and caring!! I will definitely continue to use their services!!!

Kinga R.

Love the place. Staff is awesome. Front desk is always knowledge and nice. Did the PRP treatment for face. A little painful but the results are awesome. They can do facial as well as hair PRP treatment also rejuvenation vitamins are offered for 100 dollars. Definitely will be doing another face PRP soon. Clean and efficiently run clinic. Would greatly recommend to family and friends.

Willie M.

Tremendous experience thus far. Staff is very helpful, everyone remembers your name and scheduling is easy. I've worked with a number of therapists and they all are knowledgable and the treatment has really helped my issue. I've been very impressed by the at-home exercises they've given me, as well, so I can continue treatment outside of the clinic. I also saw Dr. Mehta and he was thoughtful in his approach and recommended the right combination of medicine and PT. Highly recommended!

Nataly M.

My dad is a patient of Global Clinic. I am very grateful to Dr. Amit Mehta and to Dr. Peter Slavin for taking care of my father. He had physical therapy, adjustments and eventually needed an injection but it all helped him. My dad is able to walk again without limping. My dad has been to many clinics but this is the only place that actually helped him. Thank you Global Team!

Anna A.

I came for vitamin IV. I feel truly much better. I was very sick with COVID despite the fact that I’m fully vaccinated. Vitamin IVs at Global brought me back to life. The girls are super professional and nice. They got my IV going within minutes. Best experience ever.

Anna S.

I was pregnant and came in with back pain. I was afraid to start therapy but the pain was just too strong to tolerate. The therapists are very professional and definitely know what they are doing. Highly recommend.

John P.

This is a wonderful office with very professional therapists. I got to work with most of them on my lower back issues and I am more than satisfied with the results. They knew exactly what needs to be done. All the staff is super friendly and always willing to be flexible in terms of scheduling. Will be definitely recommending this place to everyone I know.

Alexandra B.

I love this office. I came with back pain and they literally fixed me in a few visits with massage and adjustments. I have been coming here every once in a while with back pain to maintain my back in a good condition. Highly recommend :))

Karol B.

Got recommended here after my truck got badly rear ended, Walked in with back and neck pain after couple weeks the team was able to help me with my situation. Awesome, Professional and very friendly. Front desk was extremely kind and helpful. Place is very clean. I had a great experience and I will always recommend this place to friends and family. THANK YOU!!!

Tetyana S.

If you are looking for an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and refined massage therapist, trust the great reviews here! Extremely professional and very informative. My experience with Global Pain and Spine Clinic with Massage Therapy was a 10/10. I will definitely be returning as well as recommending to others to experience.

Artur G.

Vitamin IV in the Global Clinic is my best choice, I felt very weak and lacked energy, after the first treatment I felt a change in my body, I had more energy at work, I often had a cold but it also changed, I repeat the treatment all the time and advised I wanted to take an injection of vitamin D3, a very professional team of employees, very friendly service, the manager Ania informed me about the new products IV, which I will also definitely use, I highly recommend GLOBAL CLINIC.

Marta K.

Can’t thank you enough! I was in so much pain with my back and I was going crazy. They did everything to help the pain and now I’m totally healed ❤️

Maciek J.

I could not be more pleased with my experience at Global. Wonderful stuff at all levels, they treat you as family and address all of your concerns. Easy scheduling. This is the absolute best place to come if you need physical therapy. All of the therapists and assistants are top-notch.

Yelyzaveta B.

Excellent therapist and chiropractor! Friendly and welcoming stuff. Lots of equipment and serious one-on-one sessions in very comfortable and clean environment. Highly recommend this place!


Very friendly people and they are really willing to help. Highly recommend organization.


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