Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain can affect every facet of your life and impact your overall happiness and well-being. Our compassionate care professionals use their decades of experience in pain management to alleviate your discomfort and get you back to living a comfortable, happier life. Get in touch with our Niles, Illinois office if you’re ready to take the first step toward feeling better.


What Causes Back Pain?

A major cause of pain is muscle or ligament strain. This can occur from a poor lifting technique or if you exercise or play sports without adequately warming up. It can also happen as a result of being in an accident. Another common cause of this issue is ruptured or bulging discs. Discs go between the vertebrae in your spine and serve to cushion it. Disc bulges or ruptures can pressure a nerve and cause great discomfort. Other causes can include cysts, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

Services for Back Pain

We offer chiropractic care and pain management techniques to address your discomfort. We may employ several different therapies to help you, depending on the cause, extent, and location of your discomfort. Some of the most common services we provide include

Physical therapy for the back

What Results Can I Expect?

It all starts with your initial consultation. During your first visit, we will evaluate your condition and discuss any discomfort you are experiencing. Then, we will outline a treatment plan consisting of various therapies that can be employed to help you feel better. At Global Clinic, we have spent over 20 years finding the best professionals and treatments to ensure our patients get the best care possible.

Find Care for Back Pain in the greater Chicago area

If you’re ready to say goodbye to discomfort, we’re prepared to help. We provide chiropractic and pain management therapies to address lower and upper back issues. Contact us today by filling out the contact form below or calling us at (847) 299-7000. We look forward to helping you feel better!


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