The Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

The Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

An accident can occur anytime, leaving us needing serious medical attention. Bruises, scars, whiplash, and head trauma are some of the most common injuries one can experience when involved in a crash. However, not all injuries are immediately apparent. In fact, a car accident may leave you stunned and unable to identify injury until well after the accident.

Whether your injuries are immediately apparent or not apparent at all, physical therapy is a must. A physical therapist can help you identify issues with mobility, spinal curvature, and muscle damage that you didn’t realize you incurred after your accident. Below are more reasons why physical therapy is a good idea after an accident, regardless of whether or not you think you need it. For more info and to set up an appointment, get in touch with our team here at Global Clinic today.

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Physical Therapy Can Aid in Better Recovery

As mentioned earlier, many injuries are not immediately apparent. A herniated disc, for instance, can occur shortly after a car accident but not cause pain immediately. It could take several days before you experience the effects of this concern, and by that point, you may have difficulty identifying it. Physical therapy can help you identify a herniated disc quickly and reduce or prevent its long-term effects. Getting attention right away can help your body recover appropriately, which is not the case with simple bedrest at home.

Physical Therapy Reduces Reliance on Medication

The injuries we sustain after serious accidents can require medication. Morphine,

Oxycodone, Tramadol, and other substances can help with short-term pain but can also lead to dependency. Physical therapy after an accident reduces the need for medications by helping your body heal appropriately and preventing long-term pain.

Boost Your Mental Health After an Accident

A lesser-known effect of physical therapy after a car accident is the benefits it can have on your mental health. The exercises and techniques performed during the recovery process release endorphins, which boost mood and alleviate feelings of stress and worry. When you’re in a better state of mind, your body has an easier time recovering from injury. Moreover, improved mental health can further reduce the need for pain medication.

Car Accident Treatments Can be Included in Your Compensation Claim

Physical therapy doesn’t have to incur a financial cost. If you’ve been injured in an accident and are working with an attorney, the cost of your treatment can be included in your injury compensation claim. The main goal of filing a legal claim is to put you in the same position as before the accident and compensate you for pain and suffering. Since physical therapy bills fall under the category of medical care, you may include the entire cost of physical therapy in your demand for payment after an accident.

Schedule Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

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